Introducing "The E-Commerce Training"
which will help you to learn and understand skills that increase success for your online business.


(* Yes, we are guaranteeing that you will learn complete E-Commerce Techniques and Strategies within 30 Days, if you follow our step by step process)

About E-Commerce Training

I have designed this course to not only help the business to grow but also to help job seekers to gain necessary skills so they can find jobs like E-commerce Executive. For business, this is like a boon where they can Understand key factors for online success, do competition analysis and research and much more.

What will you learn?

Testimonials of some of the Students, Clients and Businesses I have worked with across the world

"Thank you Jigar Sir for guiding and nurturing my freelancing career. It was really helpful to be a part of the freelancing workshop. Just 10 days after the workshop, and I had even secured my first job. All credits to Tenacious Techies!"

Student and Part-time Freelancer

"Thank you Jigar Sir for Boosting up my career and Making me SEO Professional in 1 Month. I got placed in one of the Reputed IT Company of Surat with very good Salary instantly after my Training. Also thank you for giving me Hands-on Training in Class on Live Projects."

Switi Ginoya

"Great Course for learning the essentials of E-Commerce from someone who done it & clearly love it. Jigar Sir was very passionate and the great trainer."

Samir Gandhi

"Just want to say thank you for a wonderful week of training. You have given me the great deal of excitement about the future."

Kalpesh Sonvane

Video Testimonial

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About Wistia

" I feel very fortunate to have linked with an amazing, honest and genuine team. Tenacious Techies have taken out the stress of finding sales for me by creating a very effective and profitable SEO Based website. I used to spend thousands of dollars in paid advertising, but when I stopped feeding these companies and gaved the work to Jigar, my sales improved. Jigar implemented SEO strategies on my website and I found I spent less and had more sales. Since than I have never looked back and will highly recommend anyone to take his services or learn from his expertise."

Sarah Chambers
Website Owner, Australia

Who should join the 30 Days E-Commerce Training?

7 Ways this E-Commerce Training will help you in becoming an E-Commerce Expert

  1. We provide step by step training so that you don't get overwhelmed in completing the course.
  2. Offline, Online and Group Coaching to clear any doubts you have during the training.

  3. Community Support through private Facebook Group.

  4. Training provided by highly experienced faculty working as an SEO Consultant.

  5. 7 Days Free Trial to try out the course.

  6. Online Training allowing you to learn at your own time.

  7. Get Access to E-Commerce training material.

Hourly Earnings of E-Commerce Jobs across the world according to

Become E-Commerce Certified Consultant

Complete all the tutorials, submit the activities, pass the final exam and you will earn the E-Commerce Cerfication from our company.You can present the cerfication when applying for job interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I learn E-Commerce Training?
It will help you to learn and understand skills that increase success for your online business. Start selling your products on marketplaces and your own website to grow sales, profitability or start a brand new business.
What will I achieve after completing the course?
You will learn the techniques and strategies on how to improve your current E-Commerce business, start your business online, or make a shift in your career towards the E-commerce industry.
What task am I suppose to do?
You will need to complete the task assigned to you at the end of each training.
How much time do I need every week?
You will need to invest 3 to 4 hours every week.
Why Tenacious Techies?
With 8 years of experience in the IT Industry, you will learn from highly experienced consultants.
Will I get any certification after completing the course?
Yes, you will get certification on passing the test at the end of the training.
How are the classes conducted?
Classes are conducted through videos and group training. If you get stuck you can always write to us for any help.
What if I don’t like the course?
You only pay for the course if you like the initial free training.

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